Red Urban

A creative boutique with global reach.

We're a talented group of creative problem solvers with an open, flexible and entrepreneurial approach tailored for the industry's constantly changing communications landscape. Our boutique sensibilities are boosted by our access to a wealth of resources, tools, and insights from our global network.

We're also nice people who love what we do.

Steve Carli, El Presidente

Steve is a strategic planner by trade. He’s been studying what makes people do what they do for 25 years. And he’s put his findings to use at agencies like Roche Macaulay, which was named Ad Age’s International Agency of the Year during his tenure, and Hadrian’s Wall, the creative boutique agency he co-founded in Chicago. Now his job is to help put Red Urban on the map.

Christina Yu, Creative Director

Christina is a big thinker. And she proudly doesn’t show favouritism when it comes to media. She loves design, digital, and traditional advertising. Whatever it takes to get the job done. It’s this kind of thinking that has brought her success at agencies like Taxi, BBDO, and Lowe Roche, which was named Agency of the Year by Marketing Magazine just two years after she joined as Creative Director.

Sam Brightling, Group Account Director

Raised in Toronto, Sam graduated from Sir Wilfrid Laurier with a Communications Studies degree and a bad case of the travel bug. Her only cure was a stint in England and Australia, where she took up work in various marketing-related roles. Upon her return, she helped build brands like the LCBO, Stolichnaya Vodka and the SickKids Foundation. An avid tennis player and marathon runner, Sam knows how to get results.

Sonia Ruckemann, Account Director

Sonia got her advertising training the way most of us do: as the Assistant Manager of a Swiss hotel. So, not only does she have exceptional taste in chocolate and a real knack for telling time, she also gets things done efficiently, precisely and excellently. If you get a chance, ask her to yodel. She loves that.

Patrick Shing, Creative

With over 50 pairs of shoes and 20 pairs of vintage sunglasses in his possession, some might call Patrick a hoarder. We just prefer to call him, Patrick. As a young buck, he left the hustle bustle of Hong Kong and headed west for the hustle bustle of Toronto. It was there that he found a life in advertising. An Art Director with a penchant for art directing his own hair, Patrick has worked at many of the top shops in Canada such as BBDO, John St., Lowe Roche and MacLaren McCann. Having hoarded experience along the way, Patrick now calls Red Urban his home. And with style, grace and a cool, well-cropped head, he’s a welcome addition to the family.

Jennifer Rossini, Creative

There are a few things you got to know about Jenn. For starters, she has the biggest blonde hair in the business. And she never seems to wear the same clothes twice (how M.C. Hammer of her). When she was a kid, she wanted to be a sports writer. Luckily for us, it didn’t pan out. Winner of multiple advertising awards at home and abroad, Jenn possesses a love for reading, a Wikipedia-esque mind and a writing-style unto herself. Motivated by her daily mission to disprove the theory that women aren’t funny, Jenn’s all about making people laugh and doing a little laughing of her own. And by a little, we mean a lot.

Gina Lijoi, Director of Digital Production

Gina has spent the past 15 years working in the digital space, which basically means she’s been to the deepest corners of the internet and lived to tell the tale. She’s our go-to applier and refiner of interactive strategy and project management practices. She has expertise in stakeholder relationship management, web development production, interactive strategy, and dogs. She loves dogs. Like, loves loves dogs. And dog websites.