This is Red Urban.
This is our craft.

Below you’ll find a smattering of our favourite work. Click an
image to see the full project. Pretty straightforward, right?

The Beetle 3-track

When you think of the Beetle, you think of three-in-one interactive music videos, right? No? Well, now you will.

Pet Trust

How do you get people to donate to the fight against animal cancer? How about a "We Are The World" style video with singing dogs. Seriously.

2014 Passat

You save money on a Passat, but then get ripped off by a couple of hardened criminals. Oh, the humanity.

2014 Golf GTD

What do ice cream cones, beer bellies, pizza, bubble gum and pregnant women have in common? They’re all in our latest spots for Volkswagen Germany, and they don’t mix well with the powerful acceleration of the new Golf GTD.

2013 Tiguan

The 2013 Tiguan SUV is warm-blooded, impractical and poops a lot. Wait, sorry, that’s the horse.

2013 Jetta

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing enjoyment, we present the spectacularly low price of the 2013 Jetta, and the unbelievable performance of its cousin, the Jetta Turbocharged Hybrid.

Rolling Rock Launch

Rolling Rock doesn’t have to try too hard. It’s just a tasty beer that’s best enjoyed in the company of good friends. A simple reminder that life need not be overly complicated.

Alexander Keith's Hop Series

If a beer company ever asks you to help them launch a series of delicious beers, each focused on a different kind of hop, don’t show them anything that looks like this. We already did it with Labatt, and we’ll totally know you’re copying us.

23 Degrees

For Toronto locals 23 Degrees Roastery, we created a campaign that's part commercial, part PSA: a very important reminder of the (sometimes extreme) consequences of forgetting your morning cup of Joe. No one likes a botched circumcision, are we right?

Drake General Store

This campaign aims to clear up any confusion surrounding the Drake General Store’s name. Unfortunately for 19th century settlers, it’s not the general store of yore. As the campaign explains, the Drake General Store is more specifically “for the Modern Pioneer.”

GLI Art Heist

First we painted with the Jetta GLI, itself. Then we turned long exposure photos from the TV spot into limited edition prints, and hung them as wild postings across Canada for people to steal. We also used social media to send clues of the remaining prints’ wherabouts. Judging by how fast they disappeared, it’s clear that people still appreciate fine art.

RU Around Town

Just a couple of letters, travelling the globe and having their picture taken.

2012 Tiguan

The 2012 Tiguan is a compact SUV with the engine of a GTI. Meaning it’s safe and fast. Or in other words: responsibly wild.

Beetle Launch

The 2012 Beetle is truly badass. Naturally, the creative had to follow suit.

Fortnight Lingerie

To put tiny Fortnight on the map, we created an idea that was not only sexy, but life-saving. We called it Super Sexy CPR.

Drive Until...

What better way to bring “The People’s Car” to the people, than by enlisting their help to make their own Volkswagen ad? We created a Facebook app that enabled the 350,000 plus fan base help select the script, car, cast, music and edit for the final chapter of our campaign.

Think Blue

Most people don’t realize that their fuel consumption can be drastically reduced if they make slight changes to their driving habits and / or make use of Volkswagen’s ridiculously efficient, TDI Clean Diesel technology. So, in the interest of protecting the environment, and people’s wallets, we set out to ask the population to change their paradigm. We asked them to “Think Blue.”

Richmond Optometry

We launched a new optometry clinic to feel like anything but.


TDI engines are incredibly efficient. In fact, in some VWs you can drive up to 1500 kilometers on a single tank. Our job was to show people the light.

Ontario's Own

Ontario’s Own is a local producer of delicious prepared sauces and preserves. But to stand out in the crowd, Ontario’s Own had to evolve from a food company into a credible leader of the local food movement.

Break A Leg

We made breakfast and then turned it into a movie poster for this short film that played at a bunch of film festivals, including the Milano Film Festival in Italy and the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto.

2011 Jetta Launch

The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta is more than just the expected update of last year’s model. It’s a complete and total redesign. From the size to the shape to the price – nothing is as it was.

2010 Golf Sunday Drive

As the Wikipedia entry reads, "The use of the automobile for the Sunday drive began in the 1920's and 1930's. The idea was that the automobile was not used for commuting or errands, but for pleasure." What happened to that idea? When did we stop enjoying the drive?


Front to back, we completely redesigned Volkswagen's website. Ain't it ehrfürchtige?